October 10, 2019

Another summer has gone by. Seems the older I get the faster they go! Speaking of getting old…I am glad to announce that I will be retiring next fall. The Council has decided on my replacement. She is Laurie Lockhorst. Laurie has lived in Ireton all of her life and will make an excellent replacement for me. She started this week and seems to be catching on quickly. I will be working part time with her until October 2020 so you aren’t rid of me yet. Hopefully by working with her for the next year it will be a smooth transition for the City. Please take the time to welcome her to this position.

As winter will be fast approaching I would like to remind you of the snow removal ordinance. It was changed a couple of years ago and you are allowed to park on the streets during the winter but not when there is any measurable snowfall. If your vehicle is left on the street when the plows go by it will be ticketed. The guys need your cooperation to keep our streets clean. They do a great job if everyone works together.

The City would like to put handicap accessible bathrooms at the ballpark. It would include a remodel of the concession stand too. We have taken bids and it was decided we couldn’t afford what we were aiming for so it will need further discussion to see if it is going to be attainable. Your input can always be made to any Council member or to me and it will be passed along.

New faces have been moving to town on a regular basis so take the time to welcome them.

Hopefully Laurie will be writing these letters from now on.

As always,