NOV.7, 2019


I hope everyone has been enjoying the weather the last few weeks, because I don’t think it will be lasting too long. With our first snow yesterday, it is reminding us of what is yet to come.

The election was on Tuesday and we had a pretty good turn out for that. If you haven’t already heard the outcome, Chris Mueller got voted back in as mayor and Craig Peterson, Kevin Eisma, and Dawn Mueller got voted back on the city council. Congratulations to them!

Don’t forget that Veteran’s Day is on Monday. Thank those who have served our country or are still serving!

With the winter months quickly approaching, just a friendly reminder to have all vehicles off the streets if we get measurable amounts of snow, so the streets can get plowed faster and easier.

Harvest is in full swing, please be safe out there!

Congratulations again to the West Sioux Football team as they won their first round of playoffs and are scheduled to play again tomorrow night for a chance to go to the Dome again!!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!!