Newsletter, 2020

Sept.21, 2020

Fall is here! Harvest is getting started and  the days are getting shorter. The temperature has been much better than this summer with all the heat we had. The mornings and evenings are nice and cool now. I just wish we could have a little more moisture than what we have had. Our lawns sure could use some water. Some of the trees around town are starting to change color. Which is a pretty sight, but soon we will be picking up those leaves that will start falling from the trees. Reminder there is a leaf pile in the northwest part of town where you can bring your leaves when they start falling.

Just a reminder that our sewer rates have now raised in August. The minimum is $22/2,000 gal. and anything over that will be an extra $5.75/1,000 gal. This rate increase is so that we can start building up our sewer fund, so we can start lining our sewer pipes, as they are old and starting to leak. If you have any more questions about the rate increase or if you would like to purchase a separate meter for watering your lawn or your garden, please feel free to call or stop in at the City Office.

Just a reminder from O.C. Sanitation that they are asking residents to have trash/recycling containers off the street in the winter. To put them at least 3 feet back on the curb, so they don’t get wrecked by the snow plow or blown down the street. They also would like to make sure you scoop by your trash container. Do Not sit on top of a snow pile! They cannot pick that up. In past years they have had people put their trash containers on top of a 3 1/2 ft. snow pile. This DOES NOT work!

Our beautification program is still in effect until Oct. 30. So if you need to get your house painted yet, please get it done in time to qualify for our payback program for your paint if you keep your receipts. Remember, if the funds are still available; you will get up to $250 back. Just bring in your receipt and I will inspect your property to make sure it is finished and then you will receive your check.

The ballpark bathroom/concession stand project is almost complete. The new rollup window needs to be installed in the concession stand and then it will be done. I hope people had a chance to view the new bathrooms the day of the rib smoke off  contest. They are very nice and roomy. With that being said and Covid-19 coming in the picture this year, we were not able to have a fundraiser/auction at this time. We are about $20,000 short of our goal. If you could/would be willing to donate to this cause right now, we would appreciate it very much. We didn’t anticipate a year quite like what we had. If you are willing to donate something, please send to the City of Ireton Box 130 or you may drop it off in the drop box or at the City Office. Any donation would be much appreciated. We still hope to be able to have a fundraiser of some sort for this cause in the future, but uncertain when that will be.

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy!

Until next time!