March 14, 2019

We made it through winter! It was a cold one and the City had a couple of water main breaks because of it. Today is raining and flooding all over so hoping the frost leaves quickly and we can have an enjoyable spring/summer.

Speaking of spring…City wide cleanup has been set for April 30. Flags will be on sale at my office for $10/piece and you can purge all your garbage at the curb. There will be a list in the paper and posted around town as to what is acceptable. Nothing with electronics in it can go on the pile but you can arrange for pickup for a charge. contact OC Sanitation.  The hazard waste truck will be here from 1-3 that day to give you the chance to get rid of old paint cans etc. City wide yard sale is scheduled for mid April by the Examiner so you can get your info for that from them. I was unable to get the Goodwill truck because their warehouses are full and they won’t even schedule until sometime in May. I was put in charge of nuisance abatement this year (junky yards and junk vehicles) so please take advantage of this time to avoid getting a letter to cleanup later.

Hopefully the pool will open June 1st and Susan TenNapel has agreed to once again be the manager. If you want to apply for a guard position pick up an application at my office. Susan will be posting lesson sign up for public and private. Thank Susan if you see her. She does a great job. We are also accepting aps for summer maintenance help. We will only be hiring 1 person this year because we have contracted out the cemetery mowing to Holzman from LeMars.

The burn/leaf/garden waste piles will be available as before by the old sewer plant. Please pay attention to the signs and put the waste in the appropriate piles.

They should be finishing up a few last details on 8th street this spring and we can look forward to possibly doing the same type thing to the north end of LaSalle and the west end of 1st St in the future.

There are about 15 large evergreens at the cemetery that are causing problems because they have gotten too big. The Council has approved Jordan to take the trees out and we would like any suggestions on what kind of trees to replace them with. If you have an opinion please submit it in writing to my office before the April meeting on the 22nd so your voice can be heard. We would like them planted early spring so they have a good chance of establishing a root system before winter. You can also drop them in the utility drop box.

I would like to offer again the opportunity to sign up for automatic withdraw of you utility payments. It is simple to sign up and relieves you from the burden of remembering. Aps can be printed off this website or picked up in my office.

A lot of new people have moved to town which is a great thing. Please take the time to welcome them.

As always the City Council, Mayor and myself are always willing to hear from you. Working together is what makes Ireton a great place to live.

Until next time…..